What Are The Chances Of Getting Pregnant On Your Period

What Are The Chances Of Getting Pregnant On Your Period

What Are The Chances of Getting Pregnant on Your Period and else

There are three phases of the period that you have to know before planning a pregnancy. Chances of getting pregnant in your period are classified into three main stages. Those are the chances of getting pregnant right in your current period. Chances of officially getting pregnant right after your period. The last are chances of getting pregnant before your period.  Each phase has its probability of pregnancy.

If you are currently prolonging for pregnancy, you should read this article. To get to know better about which time is suitable for you the most to conceive. By knowing this kind of information, you can quickly prepare your pregnancy right on your schedule of intimacy. Here we go.

What Are The Chances Of Getting Pregnant On Your Period

The first thing you will need to know before this theme goes deeper. That the likelihood of getting pregnant right after your period is so small. I am not saying this just because I already read information on the internet only. Scientist have done the research of getting pregnant in your menstrual cycle so many times. The common conclusion from it all is no. Not only because having sex in menstrual time is messy, but the egg has also already been released together with the cervix in the fallopian tube so that your partner’s sperm will not be able to conceive it.

Chances of getting pregnant after your period

There are two points of time when you try to conceive in your after a period. Pre ovulation is the first phase stood right after your bleeding stops as well. In the seventh day of your menstrual cycle, you may get your vaginal area clear, and it is just the exact time when your ovaries start to produce egg again. While the second phase, which is ovulation, will happen on the seventh day after your period ends. In this phase, your probability of getting pregnant is extremely high. You can ask your partner to do intimacy, and your wish of getting pregnancy will come to you.

Chances of getting pregnant before your period

If you are deciding on having intimacy in a week before your usual date of the menstrual cycle, you may be in this third phase. The probability of getting pregnant at this stage is small, but not so low as if you are doing it in the period. After ovaries releases the egg in the second phase, you cannot expect that the sperm will come to it.

So, that is three stages about chances of getting pregnant in your period, after your period and also before your period. At this very point, we can conclude that the best time to conceive is in the second phase of your period which is right after your period cycle, more accurate it is in the ovulation process of your reproductive area. If you are having difficulty in drawing the straw of schedule, you may go ask for professional help to check you and your husband’s fertility rate so that you can maintain your pregnancy as well as you can.

What Are The Chances Of Getting Pregnant On Your Period

Can You Get Pregnant While On Your Period?

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