Tums While Pregnant: Take It or Leave It?

Tums While Pregnant: Take It or Leave It?

Tums is a kind of supplement that can help people to be free from heartburn disease. Heartburn usually happens in pregnant women as long as they still carry the baby. It is because of the belly that has been grown up since you experiencing the first trimester of pregnancy. Mother gets heartburn since the very beginning. It also probable that pregnant women will have this kin d of symptoms since the 17 weeks of pregnancy. Based on the real condition of the pregnant women, Tums while pregnant is both good and bad.

Consuming tums while pregnant can be a real help for the mother. Tums can help pregnant mother reduce and minimize the risk and ache because of heartburn. Heartburn is usually harmless for most women, but it is not comfortable at all. Based on that case, a lot of people start to consume supplements while pregnant to get over the heartburn. But, the real thing that has to be asked is the safety of Tum ingredients for pregnant women as well.

Getting to know deeper about heartburn

Heartburn happens by making the mother as a pregnant woman feel discomfort indigestion. sometimes discomfort indigestion related to acid reflux such as Maag and other stomach ache. A pregnant woman can have this kind of symptoms since the very beginning of pregnancy. It is a hormonal and physical based activity of abdomen parts as a reaction due to the bigger belly from time to time. Heartburn can get worse in the 20 weeks of pregnancy and more.

The burning sensation of heartburn will make mother have a digested movement in the esophagus because progesterone will make the muscle around the bump growing. Gastric acid from the stomach will rise up and cause the burning effect in the heart area.

Is it okay to have Tums while pregnant?

Antacid is a good solution to heartburn symptoms because it can overcome the burning effect as fast as possible right after you have already consumed it. Tums is one of antacid that can make us relief the heartburn effect during pregnancy. Based on the current studies, Tums is safe for pregnant woman as long as she watches the dosage carefully. Tums even helps the pregnant woman to stay in touch with calcium as daily consumption.

Pregnant women can consume tums safely if they limit the other supplements. In the example, pregnant women cannot have iron supplements and Tums at the same time. Pregnant women cannot consum Tums every day, there must be a gap between it.

Side effect of having Tums while pregnant

Consuming too much Tums while pregnant can cause miscarriage risk to get at the higher level. It also can cause the pressure in the belly and sometimes it is full of illness, way worse than usual heartburn. The sodium bicarbonate as one of the active ingredients in antacids, in this case Tums, can increase the level of over calcium in your baby.

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