Pampering Yourself and Surviving Pregnancy

As a mom to four beautiful children, I have learned that pampering yourself isn't selfish, it's essential. Whether this is baby number one or ten, moms fare best when they take care of themselves first – starting with pregnancy. Find the time to relax and recharge, because once your little one is on the outside, finding time to relax will become more of a challenge than ever. You probably already know that getting enough sleep is important, but with a new baby developing it is even more true. In order to help you sleep better at night, there are a few easy and enjoyable things you can do. Try soaking in a warm tub – not too hot, to get your body to unwind. Add lavender essential oils to enhance the experience. If your partner is helpful in finding ways to help you relax, perhaps he can have the bath ready with candles and soft music. Perhaps this will result in some spontaneous romance, which will help you feel better about your changing body. As the third trimester close..

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