Foods To Avoid When Trying To Get Pregnant

Foods To Avoid When Trying To Get Pregnant

Foods to Avoid When Trying to Get Pregnant

Are you currently trying to conceive in this short of time in your vacation? Well, then you should watch your daily habit. People often underestimate the power of diet plan when they are trying to get pregnant. Diet plan is so important for women who tend to engage in pregnancy thing. Proper food is not only helping you to get through an easy pregnancy. It also helps you to get pregnant fast, and even you are still in the plan of pregnancy. Prevention and preparation are they of a successful pregnancy. Based on that case, there are foods to avoid when trying to get pregnant.

Nutrition and healthy foods and beverages of daily consumption should be shortlisted carefully. It is better to eat right foods even before the pregnancy because we know that health effect of foods is long term enough until the end of pregnancy. By getting into that topic of nutrition in pregnancy time, there are several foods to avoid when trying to get pregnant. You should read this article until the end if you are the one who tries to get pregnant as fast as you want.

Big no for alcohol and soda

You must avoid Alcohol, no matter how the rate in the cocktail is, when you already committed to being pregnant. Alcohol intake would be indeed preventing you from getting pregnant fast because it is quite hard for your fetus can be. The ingredients of alcohol can affect your fetus in a bad way. It is also the same treatment with soda. The carbon dioxide in soda can somehow influence your baby in the long term case. That is why soda and alcohol should be put on the list of foods to avoid when trying to get pregnant.

Cut off the consumption of smoked seafood

Smoked seafood should be off the menu for your breakfast, lunch and also dinner. It is because smoked seafood contains a lot listeria, a bacteria that can cause a miscarriage risk even higher than usual. Listeria is a high-risk for pregnant women. In any case, canned food such as sardines and tuna fish also contain this kind of bacteria. You should add smoked seafood as one of the several foods to avoid when trying to get pregnant. Prevention is the best to go for your optimum protection of the baby.

Say good bye to deli meat

Do you love deli meat? Well, this is the time to say good bye to that kind of foods because deli meat contains a lot of listerias. That reason makes deli meat is included to foods to avoid when trying to get pregnant as well. Overeating deli meat can block the vitamins to flow into your body and your baby to be not per se. Also, raw meat is also prohibited as well because it can conduct an evil influence on your child.

Proper Things to Eat While Pregnant

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