Can You Get Pregnant With PCOS?

Can You Get Pregnant With PCOS?

The question can you get pregnant with PCOS? is spreading around the world, especially in the obstetrician’s research. Women have a vital area to carry the baby when they want to start raising children for the family. Women may have a serious ache in that vital area. It is because of a lot of factors such as genetics and daily habits. Polycystic ovarian syndrome or we call it PCOS, is one of the illness or aberration that may happen in any woman in the world.

By knowing about PCOS itself can reveal the answer to the question. What are the symptoms? the side effect of having a baby while suffering this disease, and the probability of getting pregnant for women with PCOS. if you are looking for that kind of information, you may find this article helpful and also useful for you to get to know better about the Polycystic ovarian syndrome.

PCOS symptoms are quite predictable

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a quirk symptom that happens because of anovulation of the egg cell in the female organ. This is the factor that causes infertility in women. The ovaries cannot release a regular egg to ovulate properly in the tuba fallopian. The small structure of egg that is so different from the normal size of the egg itself can cause PCOS. Women with PCOS usually cannot have a regular menstrual cycle like others. They happen to get the period in a longer cycle, start from three months until it cannot be defined exactly.

Infertility rate to get pregnant with PCOS

The rate of infertility of women with PCOS is quite high. But, it is also possible for them to get pregnant if they want to start joining in several treatments.

Miscarriage risk to get pregnant with PCOS

Women with PCOS are highly defined as a carrier who gets the miscarriage risk the most. It is because of the tube that has not been renewed for a long time. It is really fragile and dangerous. Women with PCOS is better to stay at home in order to keep the baby healthy and avoid so many risks.

Can you get pregnant with PCOS?

Yet, the possibility of getting pregnant for women with PCOS is still there and it is up to 60%. As I said before, patient can take a lot of treatment for PCOS just by signing up in the  obstetricians. The expert will offer his or her best help for women with PCOS.

Based on the explanation above, we can know that the probability of getting pregnant while a woman has Polycystic ovarian syndrome can stand still though it is not one hundred percent. Moreover, if you are a woman who has a question Can you get pregnant with PCOS thing, You should prepare a huge and strong preparation at the very beginning of pregnancy plan with your partner. It will be useful to avoid any kind of risk in the journey of pregnancy, especially in the first trimester that needs a really big attention.

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