Can You Get Pregnant While On Your Period?

Can You Get Pregnant While On Your Period?

One of the most questionable things when you want to start having intimacy with your partner is “Can You Get Pregnant While On Your Period?” This term has been developed and observed in a lot of women and their partner at the same time. Before we join in the deeper thought about it, you may notice that every woman has her own periodical cycle and it is not quite similar from one and another. Some of them are experiencing a very long period due to their daily habits and other factors while others are having shorter period in their cycle based on genetics and others. These kinds of facts have to be considered first.

Pregnancy is a very wonderful thing in this world, especially for a family or husband and wife who want to continue living with kids. In a mean time, we cannot maintain our intimacy with our partner, whether we want to have sex or not. Sometimes it happens naturally without thinking twice in the beginning and we just get into it shortly, not concerning whether the women or the wives are on their period. To be able to understand about this case, this article would like to explain about the probability in getting pregnant by scientific approach.

How can you get pregnant while on your period

The question about how can you get pregnant while on your period has been spread around the medical websites. Menstrual cycle is happening in different time among women. Ovulation, as we know that it is the phase when your ovaries release an egg to fallopian tube in women, will happen while you experience right before or during your menstrual cycle. If you had sex in your period and you know that your cycle is quite long enough, around 28 or 30 or even longer days, you may not get pregnant while on your period. It is because your egg is not even released yet and the sperm will die when it is waiting for the egg.

There is a probability to get pregnant while on your period

You may wonder about it but as if you read in a lot of websites, you may concern and know that there is possibility of getting pregnant during your period.  Consider to get pregnant before or after your period. It will be the best schedule to get pregnant while you did sex in around these time. To be able to get pregnant on your period, you must need at least 28 days or fewer cycle.

So that’s how it works. For those who want to share an intimacy with their partner or even want to get pregnant as fast as possible, you may consider at the schedule of your period. Although the probability to get pregnant while on your period still exists, but you have to notice that the value is very low. Waiting for the end of your bleeding is probably the wisest advice I can give so that you can count on your pregnancy.

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