6 weeks pregnant

6 weeks pregnant

Has the information sunk in yet? At week 6, pregnancy is brand new to you, so it is normal to feel somewhat emotional. Add to this some fairly embarrassing early pregnancy symptoms (which include things like hormone alterations which could feel like PMS–on steroids!), and it is clear to feel downright depressed. Can we mention uncertain and nervous? That is probably part of why you’ve got nine whole months to adapt to pregnancy. Obviously, it is also because infant needs all the time to get all their functioning components in order.

How Big Is Baby at 6 Weeks?

At 6 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of a sweet pea. The ordinary embryo at week is roughly .25 inches and will double in size weekly. Wow!

6 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

At 6 weeks pregnant, you are one month and roughly 1 week pregnant–even though it has likely been just a week or 2 (or less) because you found out you’re expecting. That is because pregnancy has been measured beginning with the very first day of your menstrual period. You likely guessed in week two or three (depending on the duration of your menstrual cycle) and did not detect your pregnancy till you missed your period about week five.


As it is still early in your pregnancy, you might not be experiencing symptoms–now, some girls are horribly nauseous, but some feel nothing. At 6 weeks pregnant, either is ordinary, but the most typical 6 weeks pregnant symptoms include:

  • Fatigue. You are so drained since your body is still getting accustomed to your altering hormones. Get additional rest if you are feeling wiped out.
  • Nausea. Hate to break it, however, morning sickness does not just occur in the morning. It may be an all-day event. And moms-to-be that are just six months pregnant with twins may have more acute nausea. It is a fantastic idea to discover foods which help calm your stomach and also keep them available for routine snacking, because using a empty stomach can cause bouts of nausea.
  • Sore breasts. Your breasts are probably sore thanks to greater blood circulation. Would you think that your body is already beginning to prep to breastfeed your baby? Yep, even at only half an hour!
  • Frequent urination. Should you discover yourself needing to pee more than normal, it is because the pregnancy hormone hCG is directing additional blood circulation to the pelvic region. Heading into the toilet more frequently is normal, but if you’ve got painful urination or have the desire to go but are not able to, then tell your health care provider straight away. These are signs of a UTI, which you are at greater risk for beginning at week 6 of maternity.
  • Gas and bloating. The pregnancy hormone progesterone can lead to these stomach problems. Drink a lot of water and consume fiber-rich foods to prevent constipation (yuck), which leads to bloating (double yuck).
  • Mood swings. Paradoxically, crankiness and psychological extremes are due to the hormones. Fatigue and changes in blood glucose may lead also, so get additional rest and frequently eat healthy meals and snacks to keep your disposition (at least sort of) in check.
  • Cramping and spotting. At 6 weeks pregnant –and some given time in morning–cramping and spotting are equally regular. We all know these signs can cause you to fret about issues like ectopic pregnancy in 6 weeks pregnant and other kinds of miscarriage. Know if some abdominal pain is acute (more powerful than period cramps) or when bleeding becomes heavy like a period of time, then you need to call the health care provider.


Even though it’s normal to become bloated at 6 weeks pregnant, you probably do not look pregnant in any way. Within your 6 weeks pregnant stomach, your fast growing pea-sized embryo will take up a larger volume of property on your stomach. Thus, if you are not prepared to talk about your information with the planet, you may enjoy your little key for a bit longer. Obviously, when you are 6 weeks pregnant with twins, gut growth will occur a bit sooner than it’s for additional moms-to-be.


If you have let your physician know you are 6 weeks pregnant, she might have asked you to go in for your first prenatal appointment straight away, but more likely, she might have told you to wait for a couple of weeks. In reality, normally the very first prenatal checkup is at about 8 or 9 weeks. Therefore, unless there’s a high-risk pregnancy, then you likely won’t have a 6 weeks pregnant ultrasound. We all know the anticipation is killing you!

However, you are probably wondering what is happening within your 6 weeks pregnant stomach. Well, lots of the significant regions of baby growth have already begun. Baby’s circulating blood using an increasingly complex circulatory system. Baby may even be wiggling her or his paddle-like feet and hands. Your 6 weeks pregnant embryo is going to have cuter also, because he or she’s beginning to sprout a nose, ears, eyes, chin, and lips.

In case you have a 6 weeks pregnant ultrasound, your physician may have the ability to find a fetal pole or fetal heartbeat–a definite indication that you have obtained an embryo growing inside there. But if the physician does not see a fetal pole or heartbeat, do not worry–you may not be as far along as you thought. The health care provider will likely ask you to return in a couple of days or a week for another ultrasound.

And if you’re 6 weeks pregnant with twins, then you’re going to have the ability to view two different gestational sacs on the ultrasound now. In reality, twins grow approximately 4 to 10 days following conception.

As you await your doctor’s appointment, then you probably have a thousand questions in your mind. Write them down so that you have them prepared to ask your OB in your first prenatal visit. (Until then, we hope we have answered–and will continue to reply–a lot for you)

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