Classifications of 25 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain

Classifications of 25 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain

Pregnant women often observe their weight gain as long as their pregnancy goes further. It is not because of beauty itself, but they also want to maintain their body weight to stay in a normal point. It has been known that obstetricians already developed the body weight gain to keep the mother healthy as well. Pregnant women have to make an appointment in every trimester and usually this is going to be one report per month in several cases due to the mother condition. This medical checkup is important to watch over the mother’s health. Most cases have been applied in 17 weeks, 22 weeks, and 25 weeks pregnant weight gain.

Weight gain observation helps mother to prevent unknown and unpredictable things that can happen anytime. There are a lot of studies that reveal about the normal weight on every phase of pregnancy. If the mother passes this limitation, there might be a risk in the end of pregnancy that can bother the baby and the mother herself. In 25 weeks pregnant weight gain, there are several classifications of weight gain that have to be watched over carefully.

Underweight 25 weeks pregnant weight gain

If your pre-pregnancy BMI is under 18.5 kg/m2 and your total weight gain range is around 28 until 40 lbs in this phase of 25 weeks pregnancy, you are experiencing underweight problem. This is the case when you have to start increase your meals portion.

25 weeks pregnant weight gain based on normal weight

Normal weight gain category in 25 weeks pregnant weight gain happens to belong women with 18.5 until 24.9 kg/m2 of pre-pregnancy weight in BMI. If you are the one who have this case, congratulation, you get normal category by having total weight gain range from 25 until 35 lbs.

Overweight might happen in several cases of pregnant women

Overweight can happen to women when the pre-pregnancy BMI is around 25 until 30 kg/m2. Women with this category can get a weight gain range from 15 until 25 lbs in the phase as well.

You should start to go on diet plan if you are obese

This is the important case you should know. Prepregnancy BMI with up to 30 kg/m2 or more can experience obese problem. In this case, staying in a good shape and ideal weight gain in every phase is basically important thing to do. The 25 weeks pregnant weight gain can be a real problem because the weight will increase surprisingly faster than any other weeks of pregnancy.

Having a good portion of meals and also simple exercise will help the mother to keep on the best weight gain of her body. But, if you are the one who get underweight problem in your 25 weeks pregnancy, you may take a good plan on eating proper meals as well. It is dangerous too for your giving birth phase. Last but not least, if you have no time to go to doctor or obstetricians, you can maintain your diet plan and also your body weight based on your current meals and beverages. There are a lot of online weight gain calculators of pregnancy that can help you freely.

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