17 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain and Symptoms

17 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain

Pregnancy is a great thing because we can know that a woman can carry a human being inside her. It is both beautiful and wonderful experience before a parents start to raise a kid in the family. Yet, pregnant women should be able to track their pregnancy and stay healthy during the child bearing. There is a lot of phase in pregnancy, starting from four weeks phase, the baby looks a like a bean. Before the beginning of germination, women can experience nausea and fatigue. Moreover, 17 weeks pregnant weight gain will happen until the end of pregnancy.

Sometimes pregnant women tend to have a lot of symptoms and also weight gain in their propagation. Each phase of week in pregnancy can stimulate problems that influence the mother and by all means the baby itself. At the point of 17 weeks pregnant weight gain, mother to be should be aware of every risk that may have come forward. To be able to overcome the problems, here are several symptoms and also weight gain you should know so that you can prepare the exact plan toward them.

Symptoms in 17 weeks pregnant weight gain

Though pregnant women usually feel a lot of symptoms in the beginning of first trimester, but it can also happen in the next trimester until the end. As the belly grows bigger a bump, mother could experience the swollen feet because of the gravity. Indigestion will happen if you don’t start to manage your daily consumption of meals and drinks. You better avoid drinking beer and energy drink because sugar is persistent for your fetus.

Heartburn can also happen because as long as the uterus grows, your navel will start to risen up. When the bump is in the 17 weeks phase, you may get several stomach aches just because abdominal organs are pushed by your larger uterus that contains the baby itself. Heartburn can happen until the end of due date so that you cannot deny it. The only thing you can do is getting used to it by having several exercises for pregnant women.

Normal 17 weeks pregnant weight gain

Average women with 50 until 70 kg of body weight will have around 25 up to 35 pounds of weight gain in their 17 weeks of pregnancy. It is normal since the BMI is not really rising drastically. But, for fat women, they may experience obese in their 17 weeks until the end of pregnancy.

Before you start achieving the phase of 17 weeks pregnant weight gain, you may take a look on your diet plan and also daily exercise. Joining in the pregnancy club is not very tough, isn’t it? Simple exercise can make your pregnancy better and also overcome your symptoms. The most important thing to perceive in pregnancy is enjoying the moment. Don’t really lose a lot of meals, beverages, and also hobbies because of your fear based on statement and judgmental of other people. Getting whatever you like, such as fast food or cake, helps you reduce the risk of stress either.

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